SCALA Conference 2009

    International Conference on Scalable Quantum Computing with Light and Atoms

Poster session

Poster abstract submission deadline January 15, 2009

There are no special requirements for the abstract.
The abstract length has to be one page maximum.
Size of the poster: max 84x119cm.

List of posters

Monday 16, February

1 - Tassilo Keilmann, "Dynamical creation of a supersolid in asymmetric mixtures of bosons"
2 - David Allcock, "Segmented Ion Traps for Quantum Computing"
3 - Marc Almendros, "Single photon source for ion trap quantum networks"
4 - Remigiusz Augusiak, "Generalized entropic inequalities: Stronger measurable criteria for separability of bipartite quantum states"
5 - Almut Beige, "Entangling distant quantum dots using classical interference"
6 - Joerg Bochmann, "Shaping the Phase of a Single Photon"
7 - Lukas Brandt, "Manipulation of atoms with optical tweezers"
8 - Sibylle Braungardt, "Fermion and spin counting in strongly correlated systems"
9 - Jonathan Busch, "Turning two bad cavities into one good cavity"
10 - Jianming Cai, "Entanglement in Biological Systems"
11 - Tommaso Calarco, "Controlled atom-ion entanglement"
12 - Jai-Min Choi, "Single Atom Interferometry via Quantum Transport"
13 - Gabriele De Chiara, "Structural phase transitions in ion crystals"
14 - Gemma De las Cuevas, "Unifying all classical spin models in a Lattice Gauge Theory"
15 - Jerome Dilley, "Developing atom-photon interfaces for single-photon generation and storage"
16 - André Eckardt, "Exploring frustrated quantum antiferromagnetism with ultracold atoms in shaken optical lattices"
17 - Martin Enderlein, "Perspectives of simulating spin-Boson systems with trapped ions"
18 - Jerome Esteve, "Squeezeing and entanglement in a BEC"

Tuesday 17, February

1 - Charles Evellin, "Towards Entanglement of Two Individual ^87Rb Atoms Using the Rydberg Blockade"
2 - Søren Gammelmark, "Quantum Learning by Measurement and Feedback"
3 - Rene Gerritsma, "High fidelity entangling gate on trapped ions"
4 - Otfried Guehne, "Decoherence of multipartite entanglement"
5 - Christine Guerlin, "Cavity optomechanics with a Bose-Einstein condensate"
6 - Birger Horstmann, "Simulation of an Acoustic Black Holes on an Ion Ring"
7 - Gerhard Huber, "Employing Trapped Cold Ions to Verify the Quantum Jarzynski Equality"
8 - Thomas Huber, "Demonstration of a geometric two ion/qubit phase gate on the radial modes of motion"
9 - Tobias Kampschulte, "Quantum jumps and continuous spin measurement in a strongly coupled atom-cavity system"
10 - Adrian Kantian, "Preparing Excited Many-Body States: The \eta-state as an experimental example"
11 - Joanna Kenner, "Atoms in micro-fabricated optical cavities"
12 - Matthias Kleinmann, "Deterministic purification of an entangled state using a single copy"
13 - Barbara Kraus, "State preparation using dissipation and unitaries"
14 - Jens Kruse, "Quantum Information Processing with Atoms in Arrays of Dipole Potentials"
15 - Wolfgang Lange, "Photon-mediated entanglement of trapped ions"
16 - Yvan R.P. Sortais, "Investigation of the Energy Distribution and Cooling of a Single Atom in an Optical Tweezer"
17 - Johannes Majer, "Hybrid Quantum Systems: Integrating Atomic and Solid-State Qubits"
18 - Irene Marzoli, "Perfect state transfer and entanglement generation and distribution in FM long-range interacting spin chains"

Thursday 19, February

1 - Pietro Massignan, "p-wave superfluidity and Topological Quantum Computation in a Bose-Fermi mixture"
2 - Markus Müller, "Mesoscopic Rydberg gate based on Electromagnetically Induced Transparency"
3 - Dieter Meschede, "Single atom for QIP"
4 - Francesco Minardi, "Few-body physics in an ultracold Bose-Bose mixture"
5 - Simone Montangero, "Optimized atom transport for quantum gates in optical lattices"
6 - Martin Muecke, "Fast Excitation and Photon Emission of a Coupled Atom-Cavity System"
7 - Michael Murphy, "Communicating at the quantum speed limit using optimal control"
8 - Karim Murr, "Two Photons strongly coupled to one atom in cavity quantum electrodynamics"
9 - Alice Myerson, "High-Fidelity Readout of Trapped-Ion Qubits and Qunybbles
10 - Antonio Negretti, "Atomic Schroedinger cat states via optical probing"
11 - Robert Nyman, "Cold-atom experiments with integrated optics"
12 - Simone Paganelli, "Mesoscopic entanglement in cold gases"
13 - Nicolas Piro, "A single ion interacting with single spontaneous parametric down-conversion photons"
14 - Ulrich Poschinger, "A Spin Qubit in a Segmented Micro-Ion Trap"
15 - Uffe Vestergaard Poulsen, "Small atomic ensembles interacting with light"
16 - Guido Pupillo, "Quantum phases of strongly interacting polar molecules"
17 - Jakob Reichel, "Single atom preparation on atom chips"
18 - Stephan Ritter, "Entanglement distribution between a trapped atom and two photons"

Friday 20, February

1 - Matteo Rizzi, "Quantum-Hall States in Cold Atomic Rotating Traps with Strong Dissipation"
2 - Carles Rodó, "Operational Quantification of Continuous-Variable Correlations"
3 - Marco Roncaglia, "Rapidly-converging methods for the location of quantum critical points"
4 - Roman Schmied, "Optimal Surface-Electrode Trap Lattices for Quantum Simulation with Trapped Ions"
5 - Hector Schmitz, "A Quantum Random Walk in a Paul Trap"
6 - Christian Schneider, "Towards a two-dimensional lattice of spins"
7 - Volkher Scholz, "Complexity of lattice time evolutions"
8 - Heike Schwager, "A quantum interface between light and nuclear spins in quantum dots"
9 - Danny Segal, "Ion shuttling and quantum jump statistics for Ca+ ions in a miniature Penning trap array"
10 - Zahra Shadman, "On superdense coding with noisy channels"
11 - Daniel Ljunggren, "Developing atom-photon interfaces for single-photon generation and storage"
12 - Giovanni Vacanti, "Cooling atoms into entangled states"
13 - James Wootton, "Universal quantum computation with the D(S_3) anyon model"
14 - Shengjun Wu, "Entropic uncertainty and information complementarity"
15 - Susanne Yelin, "Optical quantum computing using ultracold polar molecules"
16 - Bruno Zimmermann, "Microscopy of a molecular 6Li-BEC"
17 - Stefano Zippilli, "Photonic interfaces based on single trapped atoms"
18 - Dorit Aharonov, "Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity"